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CO2 laser and XYZ motion control Demo Software

gdmc is a  Windows XP application to control a  Galil DMC 18xx PCI based motion controller. It is currently structured to do CNC laser cutting and etching applications using gcode. It is still in a beta development stage with limited dxf to gcode interpretation capabilities.  
You are welcomed to evaluate gdmc to see if it may fit any of you needs. We encouraged you to report back any issues or to suggest features and enhancements. This feedback is very important so to improve the user interface and the program functionality and long term reliability. If needed, drivers for the Galil card are available at:  GalilVer 7 DMC dll driver

Please send all comments and suggestions to gmalone@wispertel.net.

   Download gdmc Beta version 4.23   22MB   2/06/2008

 Open: gdmc user guid (pdf) Rev B 2.3

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